Homeboy Sandman – WNUR Streetbeat Interview

Got a chance to chop it up over the phone with New York rapper, Homeboy Sandman. He’s been releasing music for several years now, ever since dropping out of University of Pennsylvania a semester short of graduating. Get better acquainted with him and find out about his influences, upcoming projects and more. Also, watch him […]

MikeQ & Cakes Da Killa – WNUR Streetbeat Interview

Last week, Streetbeat had the honor of sending two of our DJs to spin at VIA Fest, a 5-day long affair presented by Chicago curators Them Flavors. They just brought in some of the best and brightest underground talent both locally and abroad for a series of intimate shows – and they called on us […]

Hurt Everybody – WNUR Streetbeat Interview

Hurt Everybody, a Chicago trio of versatile artists, consists of rapper/producer Supa Bwe, rapper Carl, and newly introduced producer Mulatto Beats. Since the beginning of 2014, the group has released over 30 songs on their Soundcloud; songs that have garnered them a tremendous buzz for such a short time. Their approach to rap cannot be […]

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Freddy Mummix – Melanin Stained Lover

Freddy Mummix just dropped his new album ‘Melanin Stained Lover’! It features collabs with fellow Streetbeat-ers; zorenLo who was executive producer and worked on several songs, as well as Behind These Eyes who produced the track “1984”. An incredible project from Freddy, don’t sleep on this one.